Pace Community Action Agency, Inc.

Boys and Beyond

Boys and Beyond

Boys & Beyond is an innovative program developed by Pace in 2015 to work with boys in the 4th and 5th grade. We use experiential learning to teach the children life skills. Boys attend  sessions in the evenings and learn about topics such as financial literacy, technology, health and wellness, how to tie a tie, how to change a tire, and social skills. Community volunteers help make the lessons come to life in meaningful ways that keep the boys engaged.

Incentives are provided to compliment the lessons during each session. At the conclusion of the sessions a field trip is taken. If the boys have met attendance requirements, they are provided with a $25 saving account to begin saving money.



How are boys selected for this program?

Students will be nominated by school officials, i.e., teachers or counselors. Information is distributed to the schools prior to the start of each session.



how can I help?

Contributions are greatly appreciated. Donations can be monetary or individuals may apply to volunteer with the program. Background checks are completed on all volunteers.