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Health Insurance Navigators

What is a Health Insurance Navigator?

For the first time, people who are uninsured for more than three months during 2015 and don’t qualify for an exemption will face a heavy tax penalty. A Navigator is someone who can help you avoid that penalty by helping you find a qualified health plan. Not only that, but a Navigator will help you apply for programs that will make your qualified health plan more affordable, or even assist you with applying for state programs such as Medicaid, CHIP, Hoosier Healthwise, etc. Navigators have gone through a rigorous training process for both state and federal licensing. A Navigator is not an insurance salesman, and offers unbiased advice about your options. Navigators receive no ‘commissions’ for signing consumers up for a particular plan, so you can be sure that the advice you’re getting is truly in your best interest. Marketplace Navigators must also go through continuing education to make sure they keep up with changing regulations, and have to reapply yearly to maintain their license.

Where can I find a Health Insurance Navigator?

Pace’s expert team of Navigators work out of the agency’s Health Connection clinics. Whether you’re located near Vincennes, Washington, or Terre Haute, our Navigators are nearby and ready to help. Our Navigators work regular office hours, but have the flexibility to work off-hours to best meet your needs if you aren’t available during the day. Just call your local Health Connection office to make an appointment with one of our expert Navigators.

Why should I see a Health Insurance Navigator?

It is the policy and mission of Pace to encourage self-reliance. That being said, there are obviously times when everyone needs help from a professional. Insurance can be confusing for anyone. That’s why Navigators exist. Don’t take the risk of being charged a tax penalty. More importantly, don’t risk thinking that your family is covered only to find that they aren’t when you need coverage the most. Navigator services are absolutely free of charge. We will work with you to find the highest quality plan that is tailored to your situation, which offers the lowest out-of-pocket cost, and ensures that you have at least the minimum essential coverage to avoid the tax penalty. There is a limited Open Enrollment period, so call your local Health Connection clinic today to set up an appointment.